23rd May 2015, a fantastic celebration of natural colours, new life and environmental changes in Springtime. Arts and crafts included jewellery making, sewing, enamelling and monoprinting.



This project was run with Richmond Youth Services for a group of four year 10 pupils who were excluded from school or on a part time timetable due to social, emotional and behavioural issues. The aim of the project was to give the pupils a positive learning experience, the ability to believe in themselves and to achieve success as well as giving them the opportunity to express themselves safely with a view to settling them back into life and school.The outcome of the project was a successful book launch supported by Richmond Youth Services.


This was a community based project set up in 2008 in conjunction with Landmark Education, London, as part of a self expression and leadership programme. The project was written in response to the increase in gun and knife crime amongst young people, and gave them the opportunity to express themselves within the safety of a book.
Ten young people participated in this project, submitting poetry, art, graffiti and photography for publication. The book launch was supported by Richmond Upon Thames Youth opportunites fund and covered by the Richmond and Twickenham Times newspaper


Year 4/5 pupils at Chase Bridge Primary School, Whitton participatednewtalents in a whole class project designed to give them the chance to express their artistic and literary talents in a published book. ”The book of new talent” was launched at the schools summer fair in 2009.