“I was very impressed with the creativity from the
students at Twickenham Academy, and having a public exhibition with local art is a real achievement for the community.”Dr. Vince Cable

Empowering youths work has had a huge impact on the student’s: In terms of their sense of self-worth and self-esteem; in terms of their artistic ability; their understanding of the concept of “imagination” but also, and perhaps most fundamentally, in terms of their understanding of what it means to express oneself.”

“By working with Empowering youth they have been able to express themselves using traditional and non-traditional materials, allowing them to create vibrant colourful and expressive pieces that embody the original works they were inspired by” Councillor Christine Percival


“The project  Empowering Youth undertook with Twickenham Academy students last year gave them a unique opportunity to discover and experiment with different art techniques and use their imagination to create work celebrating art and writing.   The students had the experience of exhibiting their work for two days at Orleans House Gallery in the Borough’s Literature Festival. ” Councillor Pamela Fleming 



” The lessons were fun and relaxing. Thank you for the experience. ”

”Thanks for the lessons! It was amazing and really helped calm me down and also made me happy!! ”

” I found the lessons relaxing and made me see that moving on from bad things in the past can happen. Thank you. ”

” Everything was amazing. I loved everything that we did and it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience. ”

” I enjoyed making everything we made and learnt to believe in myself. ”



” It was a pleasure to see how hard the kids had worked. Thank you for encouraging them. ”

” It was refreshing to see how the girls have blossomed. They have developed their artistic skills and gained tremendously both personally and artistically. ”

” The students have done really well. It’s nice to see their good work. I hope they will keep up this good work in future.”

” Really well done. Very inspiring and life changing. ”